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Jose Morales
Caddie Scholarship

The Jose Morales Caddie Scholarship was established in 2002 in honor of former Royal Melbourne Country Club Caddie Master, Jose Morales. The fund was established by the membership of the Club, with full cooperation of the management and staff, to show appreciation to all the caddies at Royal Melbourne CC for their dedicated service to the Members. It is the desire of the membership and Caddie Scholarship Committee to encourage the caddies to further their education.

The Caddie Scholarship Committee was established to maintain the charitable status of the Fund, raise money, administer the scholarship funds and establish the requirements of the scholarship eligibility.

Please follow the links below for more information on eligibility, how to donate, past recipients and more.

Caddie Scholarship Application
(Please fill out electronically, print and return to the Caddie Master,Tyler Bulterman in person)

2016 Caddieshack Tournament


On behalf of the Caddie Scholarship Committee, I would like to sincerely thank our Royal Melbourne membership for another generous year.  Your continued interest in our program allowed us to provide eleven scholarships this year worth $26,250.  Since our inception we have awarded 146 scholarships with a value of $405,700 to our RMCC caddies

Our scholarships are awarded based on numerous criteria including academics, caddie performance, Royal Melbourne seniority and family need.

Together we have raised $365,000 over the last thirteen years.  Our goals remain ambitious because we know we make a difference.  The Committee continues to balance the need to build a strong endowment account with our desire to provide significant scholarships to deserving caddies.  By aiding them in furthering their college education, you can help our recipients realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring young men and women.

The Committee would like to thank all the 2015 contributors; for those that attended or sponsored our Caddyshack Tournament back in July, we hope you enjoyed the good time and have ‘saved the date’ for next year. 



Larry Malone, Chair JMMCSF Committee

  • Eligibility
    • Representing the management and Members of Royal Melbourne Country Club, the Caddie Scholarship Committee is honored to award scholarships to its dedicated caddies. To be eligible for a scholarship, the caddie applicant must provide the Committee with adequate information regarding future plans for education. The committee will establish a weighted system to enhance the decision making process using the following criteria:

      • Academics
      • Attitude
      • Application compliance
      • Attendance
      • Number of loops (caddie rounds)
      • Expenses
      • Need
      • Family assistance
      • Family income
      • Number of siblings
      • Student loans
      • Savings
      • Other scholarships
      • Caddie master and head pro recommendations

  • Donations

    • Since the Fund's inception twelve years ago, members of Royal Melbourne Country Club have raised approximately $365,000 and awarded $345,200 in scholarships. The Committee continues to balance the need to build a strong endowment account with its desire to provide significant scholarships to our deserving caddies. By aiding them in furthering their education, you help the caddies realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.

      Please make your check payable to the tax deductible* “Jose Morales Memorial Caddie Scholarship Fund” and mail to:
      Royal Melbourne Country Club at 4700 RFD, Long Grove, IL 60047.

      To request a direct charge to your Club member account, please call Karen Sowinski, Administrative Assistant at 847-913-8080.

  • Scholarship Recipients
    • Past Caddie Scholarship Recipients

      2016 Total $26,250
      Dan Wojcikowski
      Rebecca Falkiner 
      Felix Gaytan 
      Noah Maslanka 
      Samantha Kolosick 
      Brian Medellin
      Sean Chechang
      Jorge MEdellin
      David Krueger 
      JAvier Dominguez 
      Garrett Nielsen

      2015 Total $34,000

      DANiel WOOD

      2014 total $39,000

      Sean chenchang
      javier dominquez
      rebecca falkner
      justin guthrie
      grant heelan
      joseph kallenbach
      david krueger
      jeff rangell
      chris radecki
      tom schofeld
      michael taylor
      dan wojcikowski
      dan wood
      michael sprieser
      rosario garcia

      2013 total $47,000
      brad shulkin
      chris radecki 
      dan porras
      dan wojcikowski
      david krueger
      grand heelan 
      javier dominguez
      jeff rangell
      jon hennricks
      joseph kallenbach
      justin guthrie
      Matthew Micucci
      Michael Taylor 
      nathan brune
      Nicholas olson
      rebecca falkiner
      rosario garcia
      sean chechang
      tommy schofield
      zachary sheck 

      2012 total $40,000
      nathan brune
      jon henricks
      tyler kingston
      george kroes
      david krueger
      matthew micucci
      dan porras
      chris radecki
      brad shulkin
      michael taylor
      andrew thompson

      2011 Total $37,250
      Dan porras
      paul minetos
      jon winsor
      kevin sande
      spenser clark
      ryan michels
      cliff nelson
      jon tiedmann
      phil sipiora
      zach hugo

      2010 Total $40,500
      Jonathon Winsor
      Spenser Clark
      Kevin Sande
      Ryan Michel
      Zach Hugo
      Corey Lucas
      Steven Sprieser
      Cliff Nelson
      Josh Christensen
      Ben Schroeder
      Bill Wright
      Andrew Kloep
      John Tiedman
      Anthony Fedrigon
      Kevin Warden

      2009 Total $43,000
      Anthony Fedrigon
      John Tiedman
      Kevin Sande
      Matthew Johlie
      Josh Christensen
      Jonathon Winsor
      Spenser Clark
      Zack Hugo
      Bill Wright
      Andrew Kloep
      Ryan Michel

      2008 Total $32,500
      Ryan Michel
      Justin Uhl
      Spenser Clark
      Eddie Shleyner
      Corey Lucas
      Casey Lira
      Andrew Kloep
      Kevin Sande
      Ryan Gilles
      Garrett Kolb
      Anthony Fedrigon
      Bill Wright
      Max Friedenberg
      john Tiedmann

      2007 Total $25,000
      Spenser Clark
      Brett Shudak
      Andrew Kloep
      Paul Lyons
      Anthony Fedrigon
      Brian Sandroff
      Charles Munyi
      Dan Schuster

      2006 Total $19,000
      Michael Berg
      Joshua Hugo
      Gabriel Sandler
      Paul Lyons
      David Wallace
      Charles Munyi

      2005 Total $11,500
      Michael Berg
      Joshua Hugo
      Paul Lyons
      Gabriel Sandler
      David Hinojosa Gete

      2004 Total $8,000
      Josh Hugo
      James Woo
      Eric Steinhaus

      2002 Total $2,000
      Justin Uhl
      Garrick Uhl 


  • Thank You Letters
  • Gold and Silver Contributors
    • 2010

      Rich Kruzynski
      Greg Zeman
      Mike Anderson

      Ken Taube
      Jim Brown
  • Benefits of Taking a Caddie
    • Tradition of the Game:

      Since the beginning of golf, caddies have been a part of the game and since the early 1900’s have played a major role at private clubs in Chicago. There is nothing quite like walking a wonderful golf course with your best friends and a good caddie by your side.


      Add to Your Guest’s Experience:

      Make your guests feel special by providing a caddie to take care of their every need. Whether you take a forecaddie for your foursome or an individual caddie for every player in your group, caddies will add to your guests overall experience.


      Improve Course Conditions:

      Are you tired of seeing tire tracks and ruts on our beautiful fairways? Caddies will help relieve our golf course from the stresses that golf cars cause. Your caddie will also replace divots, repair ball marks on the green and rake the bunkers.


      Improve Pace of Play:

      You may be surprised, but it has been proven that a foursome with four caddies will play faster than your average foursome playing with two carts. If your group is going to use a cart, a forecaddie will help improve your pace by taking care fo the little things (e.g., finding lost balls, cleaning clubs, cleaning balls, tending flags, etc.)


      Improve Your Score:

      A caddie’s job is to read your putts, give you yardages and assist with your club selection. By doing these things, a good caddie allows you to concentrate on your game and in return will help you lower your scores.

      Improve Your Health:

      During an 18-hole round of golf, you typically will walk about 5 miles.