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Take Control of Your Game

Our Team: 
Marty Evans - Lead Instructor Royal Melbourne Golf Academy

              Titleist Performance Institute Certified:   
Golf Coach - Level III | Junior Coach - Level III | Golf Biomechanics - Level II | Power Coach Level II

-K-Vest 6D Certified Motion Capture Specialist

-Titleist Fittingworks Certified Club Fitter
-Certified Callaway Club Fitter
-Certified PING Club Fitter

Zach Miller- Head Golf Professional
-Titleist Staff Member 
-Certified Titleist Fittingworks Club Fitter
-Certified PING Club Fitter

Tyler Bulterman- Assistant Golf Professional, PGA Apprentice 
-Callaway Staff Member
-Certified Callaway Club Fitter

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Our Mission
We love golf and are committed to creating, finding and implementing the best and most innovative golf performance training in the world. We have assembled a passionate team of experts, 
developed proprietary systems of game assessment, program design, and long term coaching utilizing the most cutting-edge technology in the industry. With these processes we are able to facilitate and guarantee improvement for every player.

Our Philosophy
Although different for every player, there is a most efficient path to accomplish their individual goals based on their physical characteristics, golf-specific skill set, equipment, and commitment to long-term improvement.

How it Starts
The first step is our game assessment process. This essential element allows us to find out the what is causing your problems and why it is happening. We begin this process with a goals and history interview. After that we will look at physical characteristics that can affect the
 golf game including your vision, visualization, motor control, balance, stability, mobility, and core strength. We will then collect data on your ball flight and club delivery mechanics, and also measure the characteristics of your equipment. 
From there we will assess the efficiency of your motion with our 3D motion capture system. We finish up the assessment by testing your skills with putting and a variety of short game skills.

What’s Next
We then take all of the data that we have collected and develop your personalized game improvement program. Although slightly different in every case, this program will typically include specific action plans for your swing mechanics, supporting golf-specific fitness, short game skill development, on-course coaching, equipment fitting, and a master plan to structure your practice time to maximize efficiency. We publish this program on our website where you will have a 
personalized page that updates with program changes, lesson notes, and any other information we need to track. This also helps us set future goals and track your progress.

Long-Term Coaching
Once we have your program in place, we need to monitor your work in order to maximize your time and effort. We know through a great amount of research in the fields of human motor learning and motor performance, that the processes of changing motor patterns, developing new skills, and transferring these skills into your performance on the golf course requires much more than just hitting golf balls at the range. In order to facilitate the learning process, we incorporate much more than just golf lessons into your coaching program. We also utilize pre-scheduled supervised practice sessions, on-course coaching, small group coaching, competitive team practice, day long golf schools, as well as private golf instruction.


Super Speed Golf
Faster Club Speed
More Distance
Take 1 to 2 less clubs into the green.