Caddie Information

2024 Caddie Information

All individuals interested in caddying at Royal Melbourne must register by contacting Head Golf Professional, Mallory Carr.
All caddies must attend orientation and at least 2 training sessions; orientation date: Saturday, April 6, 10-11am.

Please contact Mallory Carr, Head Professional by email or by calling the Golf Shop (847) 913-8380

Commitment to caddying at Royal Melbourne Country Club

At Royal Melbourne Country Club a caddie needs to be dependable and committed to his/her caddie employment. A caddie's primary function is to perform a service to the golfing member. The Golf Staff will hire, teach, and employ only reliable candidates. Caddies in all classifications are expected to sign up to caddie a minimum of 2 days per week, including weekends. We understand that other commitments, family vacations, and sports may conflict with caddying duties, so please communicate in advance so we can work with you on your schedule. During your time as a caddie, you will also be expected to be visible to the membership by performing various duties including cleaning clubs at the range even though you may not receive a caddie opportunity, helping our staff set out clubs for member play, and various tasks that will continue to improve our commitment to our members.

Objectives of the Royal Melbourne Caddie Program:

1. At Royal Melbourne Country Club, our primary objective is to provide a high quality caddie service to our membership. In addition to carrying golf bags, caddies perform such duties as tending the pin, raking bunkers, watching golf balls to lead your golfer to their ball, replacing divots, and a variety of other tasks to make each round as enjoyable as possible.  More experienced or honor caddies will assist golfers with information on yardage, breakage of the green, and helpful information during play of a particular hole. 

2. The membership provides a service to caddies as well:
* By employing caddies, members give a summer job to young people.
* Caddies can learn the values of courtesy and sportsmanship at an early age.
* Caddies are provided an opportunity to develop their character 
* Caddying provides young people with an opportunity that directly rewards self-motivation, determination, and hard work.
*These and other qualities can help caddies to become candidates for the Evans Scholarship. This is a national scholarship which pays for four full years of college at several major universities around the United States. 

Dress Code
All caddies will be required to be dressed appropriately in the designated caddie uniform at all times during your loop.  The Caddie uniform will consist of Royal Melbourne Caddie T-Shirt, Royal Melbourne Caddie Hat (No Exceptions), Official Bib, Khaki Shorts (No Cargo Shorts), comfortable tennis shoes/spike-less golf shoes, towel and name tag. 

- The Caddie Master will be the final judgment of appropriate dress code standards.

Caddie Classifications                                                                                                                                                     

“B CADDIE”-   First or second year caddie that is learning and developing the necessary skills to become an efficient caddie.  Once a caddie shows a solid foundation for the game and caddying they will be considered for promotion to an “A Caddie”

“A CADDIE”-A caddie that has previously been employed at Royal Melbourne Country Club, another country club or shows a solid understanding for the game of golf and caddying process.  “A Caddies” are fundamentally sound on the basics of caddying and have received positive feedback from the membership.

“HONOR CADDIE”-  An “Honor Caddie” is a veteran caddie that has shown leadership, and exceptional service to members and guests.  Honor caddies also show exceptional skills in double bagging and fore caddying. 

Caddie Rates                            

Honor Caddie         $40/bag + gratuity 40+        $20/bag + gratuity 20+
A Caddie                $35/bag + gratuity 35+        $17/bag + gratuity 17+
B Caddie                $30/bag + gratuity 30+         $15/bag + gratuity 15+
Forecaddie             $25/bag + gratuity 25+         $12/bag + gratuity 12+
***Caddies will be paid once a week on Saturday’s.  If you unable to make it to the club to get paid on Saturday’s, you can pick up your money the following Saturday.

The RMCC Scholarship Fund In Honor Of Jose Morales 

The The RMCC Scholarship Fund in Honor of Jose Morales was established in 2002 in honor of former Royal Melbourne Country Club Caddie Master, Jose Morales. The fund was established by the membership of the Club, with full cooperation of the management and staff, to show appreciation to all the caddies at Royal Melbourne CC for their dedicated service to the Members. It is the desire of the membership and Caddie Scholarship Committee to encourage the caddies to further their education. The Caddie Scholarship Committee was established to maintain the charitable status of the Fund, raise money, administer the scholarship funds and establish the requirements of the scholarship eligibility.

Please see below for more information on eligibility and how to donate.

Jose Morales Caddie Scholarship Application

Letter From the JMMCSF Committee Chairman:

"I am excited to announce that for over the last 20 years Royal Melbourne’s Jose Morales Scholarship Foundation has delivered 193 scholarship awards with a value of $620,000 to deserving RMCC caddies. On behalf of the Caddie Scholarship Committee, we are extremely grateful for your generosity and we remain steadfast in our commitment to grow this scholarship program.  Last August, with your continued interest and support we awarded nine scholarships worth $17,050.Our scholarships are awarded based on numerous criteria including academics, caddie performance, Royal Melbourne seniority and family need."

Ed Horwitz, Chair JMMCSF Committee


Representing the management and Members of Royal Melbourne Country Club, the Caddie Scholarship Committee is honored to award scholarships to its dedicated caddies. To be eligible for a scholarship, the caddie applicant must provide the Committee with adequate information regarding future plans for education. The committee will establish a weighted system to enhance the decision making process using the following criteria:
  • Academics
  • Attitude
  • Application compliance
  • Attendance
  • Number of loops (caddie rounds)
  • Expenses
  • Need
  • Family assistance
  • Family income
  • Number of siblings
  • Student loans
  • Savings
  • Other scholarships
  • Caddie master and head pro recommendations
Since the Fund's inception 20 years ago, members of Royal Melbourne Country Club have raised and awarded over  $620,000. The Committee continues to balance the need to build a strong endowment account with its desire to provide significant scholarships to our deserving individuals. By aiding them in furthering their education, you help the caddies realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.

Please make your check payable to the tax deductible. We are a 501C3 

RMCC Scholarship Fund

Remit to:
Royal Melbourne Country Club
4700 RFD, Long Grove, IL 60047
Attn: Ed Horwitz