Guest Info

Important Guest Information
We want your experience at the Club to be enjoyable. As an invited guest, please review our golf club rules and regulations to ensure you are familiar with our Club prior to your arrival. 

Driving Directions: 

Please click here (the gated entrance to Royal Melbourne is located on the West side of Route 83 approximately 1/4 mile North of Route 22)

Caddies are available upon request and are strongly recommended in all groups with one or more guests. Unaccompanied groups are required to take a Forecaddie. Caddies can be paid using Cash, Member Charge or reciprocal billing to local country clubs.

Speed of Play:
Time of play is the responsibility and duty of all golfers. Four hours or less is our goal and allows the maximum time for full enjoyment by all Members and Guests. Please permit faster groups to play through.

Dress Code:
This is an important aspect of our golf club rules and regulations. The dress code applies to all Members and Guests. Improperly dressed individuals are expected to change into appropriate clothing before using the Club facilities. 

On the Course:
  • Gentlemen: Collared shirts are required, and no denim is allowed. All golf or polo shirts must be worn tucked in and all golf caps must be worn in the traditional manner, with bills facing forward.
  • Ladies: Sportswear such as casual pants, skirts, skorts and Bermuda or walking shorts (4" above knee) and fashion tee shirts are acceptable. All golf caps must be worn in the traditional manner, with bills facing forward.
  • Golfers are provided a locker and must use the locker room to change shoes and clothing. Soft spikes are permitted in all areas of the Clubhouse. Metal spikes are not allowed on the golf course or in the Clubhouse.

In the Clubhouse:

  • Country Club Casual Attire
  • Jeans, jean jackets & skirts, any denim apparel, tube tops, bathing suits, "short shorts or skirts", midriff-baring shirts, low-rise pants and sleeveless t-shirts (applies to men) are not permitted in the clubhouse. Please contact the front desk for more information as to days & times denim attire is permitted within the clubhouse.

Cell Phone Etiquette:
Limit use in the Clubhouse; be sure ringer is off or in vibrate mode while at the Club. If you need to use in the Clubhouse, use it where others cannot over hear your conversation, perhaps in a vacant room or outside on the patio. Using a cellular phone on the golf course should be limited to emergencies.

We look forward to seeing you and should you have any questions or concerns regarding golf course information, please don't hesitate to contact us.